Douglas Neel Lundgren

Douglas Neel Lundgren was born in El Paso on October 26, 1946 and passed away November 14, 2014.


Posted on 12/19/14

His father, Roy, was from Wales and his mother, Helen Neel, was from Menard, Texas. Roy was in the Army Air Corps at Ft. Bliss. In 1947 he was discharged and the family moved to North Dakota to run the farm his father had started in 1939. With the addition of two sisters, the Lundgrens spent the spring and summer in Wales and the school year in Menard until 1959 when Roy was killed in a one vehicle pickup wreck. Doug and his sisters were raised by their loving mother until she remarried in 1968. He attended Menard schools, then attended Baylor University his freshman year. Being a cowboy at heart, he transferred to Texas Tech until he graduated with a degree in history, working on the family ranch and construction in the summer. In 1971 he went to North Dakota to help his ailing uncle Harry Lundgren, who guided him to start working the family farm which had been leased out since his father’s death. He married Beverly Greenhill from Mississippi on March 17, 1974. They did the same as his father had done, farming in North Dakota in the spring and summer and returning to the family ranch in the winter. The couple divorced in 1991. He developed lymphoma in 1996 and went into remission after eight months of chemotherapy. He married Joye Scheffler in 1999 and the couple spent time in Austin and the family ranch until 2004 when his sister Gwynne passed away, at which time they started managing the family ranch which had been in the family since 1868. In 2010 Joye bought a river house in Los Moras Acres and he would go out to the ranch every day. He was a big booster for Menard and loved every minute spent at the ranch. He and his grandmother, sisters, mother and wife all loved the ranch. It meant more to them than life itself. He brought many people to experience the ranch, all of whom thought Menard was as close to heaven as possible.

He is survived by his sister, Barbarba Lundgren, and numerous cousins.

There are no services planned at this time.