Meagan McDougall awarded First Runner – Up at Miss ND Pageant

Meagan McDougall of West Fargo was named First Runner Up at the Miss North Dakota Pageant on Saturday, June 8.

Meagan McDougall (right) receives an award for High Score in the Interview portion of the 2013 Miss North Dakota Pageant from Miss ND 2012 Rosie Savageau on June 8.
Meagan McDougall (right) receives an award for High Score in the Interview portion of the 2013 Miss North Dakota Pageant from Miss ND 2012 Rosie Savageau on June 8.


Posted June 17, 2013

The pageant was held at the Williston High School on June 6 through June 8. “My immediate reaction was disappointment,” said McDougall. “Having just finished college this past May, next year would of been the perfect year for me to dedicate to serving through the Miss North Dakota Scholarship Organization.”

“However, as it has set in over the past few days, I have come to accept that it was not in the cards for me this year and that there will be something better coming along next. Miss ND winner, Laura Harmon will do an excellent job, and I am very happy for her and will support her work next year.”

Pageant contestants were judged on categories consisting of: Private Interview; Evening Gown; Swimsuit; Talent; and On-Stage Interview. McDougall was awarded High Score for Preliminary Interview, in addition to High Score for Preliminary Swimsuit. “When I stepped out of my interview that took place on Thursday morning, I said to my best friend that it was the hardest interview I had ever done.” According to McDougall, the first question that they asked her was “How would you solve the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict?”…and from there on they talked about topics from abortion to gay marriage to Guantanamo Bay to sexual assault in the military to whether or not she thinks that a women belongs in the White House.

“My platform was News Readership: ‘Turning the Page to a Better Tomorrow’, and I was very aware of what was going on in regards to current events; so I was able to keep up with all of the questions that they fired at me,” she added.

McDougall began competing in 2010 at the Miss West Fargo/Miss Red River Valley pageant. “I didn’t win, but was immediately hooked, she stated. The following June, she won Miss Northern Lights at a pageant in Bismarck. In the same month, she placed in the top 10 at the state level, and two weeks later, she won Miss Badlands; her preliminary qualifying title to compete for Miss ND 2012. In 2012, she won High Score Interview and placed second Runner up. “Last year was very encouraging to me, especially winning High Score Interview. Showing the judges my personality and talking about my platform is my favorite part of competing in the Miss American Organization, so knowing that the judges appreciated what I had to say and honoring me with that award was encouraging.”

McDougall lives in West Fargo and graduated from West Fargo High School in 2009. She graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., this past May with a double major in Public Relations and Multi-Media Journalism. She is the daughter of Tom McDougall (Langdon) and Chris (Hotten) McDougall (Calvin).

“It’s so much fun getting to compete against girls from across the state. Many of us know each other through competing in local pageants or in years prior, and I have made some of my best friends through competition. Many people assume that pageant contestants are very competitive and that everyone is mean and defensive toward one another, but my three years of experience have been full of encouragement, friendship and fun between all contestants.”

According to McDougall, you can only compete in the Miss American Organization at the Miss level from ages 17-24. This October, she will turn 23, and will be too old by the date of Miss America 2015 to compete in any pageants after next year.

“If I choose to compete one more year, my goal will be nothing short of finally getting to wear the crown and to join the special club of women who have had the opportunity to serve their state as Miss North Dakota.”