Got a minute: There is a reason for everything

Some three months ago, my wife LeAnn and I sat outside on a patio trying to ignore the Georgia humidity of the evening while talking about our future, both personally and professionally.

Posted on 8/17/13

By Lee Coleman

Days earlier, we had come face-to-face with a nasty tornadic storm in Shawnee, Oklahoma and although the incessant rain and hail caused my car to hydroplane down a 15-foot embankment into a ditch quickly filling with rainwater and big ice cubes, we were pulled out two hours later.

By a greedy tow truck driver ($250) that was more concerned about losing valuable adult libation time than messing with us.

What has eight eyes and seven teeth? The employees of that towing company.

As we talked and recalled that night, we agreed there was a very definitive reason we were able to continue our journey home that night.

But what was it?

After taking a short vacation at home, my job search started and ultimately, Lori Peterson and I found each other and here we are.

Was there a reason our journey brought us to Langdon?

Yes. There is no doubt in our minds we are supposed to be here.

Why else would we be inspired to drive 1,700 miles in three days?

Because this community and my responsibility as your new Republican editor beckoned us.

Now in our second week, the importance of being an integral part of this community has already shown itself.

Collectively, we have met some of the nicest people we’ve ever been around. Many thanks for welcoming us so warmly and unconditionally.

Folks have had a good time with me about our deep south accents. There is only one explanation I can offer.

We are Georgia born and Southern by the grace of God.

See. There is a reason for everything.

Ya’ll come back next week you hear.