City looks at potential salary increases

The Langdon City Commission held its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday night with president Chuck Downs presiding.

Posted on 8/31/13

By Lee Coleman

The budget for the upcoming year has to be approved by Oct. 15 and the Commission held a budget raise meeting as part of Tuesday’s agenda.

Last year, city employees received an across-the-board salary increase of 3.5 percent with health insurance premiums paid in full by the city.

“My biggest concern is the cost of the health insurance,” Commissioner Dennis Flaten said.

Downs posed the question of continuing to pay the insurance without a raise or going to a 80/20 scale.

“The current policy was grand fathered in so we haven’t changed the policy,” Downs said. “We didn’t have to jump through quite as many hoops.

“Do we keep paying the insurance?”

According to Downs, the city pays $900-$1,200 per employee for insurance.

After discussion of potential raise amounts, the Commission agreed to study a raise of $150 a month for managers and department heads, $100 for full time employees and 50 cents an hour for part time employees.

The Commission instructions were very clear. City Auditor Connie Schrader was instructed to put the potential increases into the budget for further study options between now and the new budget deadline.

“We want to plug in the numbers and see how bad we will get beat up in the budget,” deadpanned Downs.

In departmental news, Sanitation Manager Tom Beauchamp reported improvements in the number of complaints about Waste Management.

The new contract started in December, 2012 and although it has taken some time, Beauchamp said things are going pretty well.

“The complaints are down,” he said. “It takes time to work the bugs out.

“The drivers are more familiar with the area and their routes and that is making the biggest difference.”