Got a Minute: One month going on five years

A little over one month ago, my wife and I completed a 1,700 mile car trip from Georgia to Langdon.

Posted on 9/14/13

By Lee Coleman

Having left on Thursday morning and arriving early Sunday morning, it was a long and arduous journey. For many reasons.

One, I didn’t think we would ever drive out of Illinois. That great state is known for a lot of things but now, I can truly add orange road barrels and 40 mile per hour speed signs to the list of things I recognize Illinois for.

When we crossed the Illinois state line into Wisconsin, we stopped for the night in Beloit and celebrated our victory. Who would have thunk it?

Two, I now understand why Minnesota is known as the Great Lakes state. I would live on a lake so the beauty of the Minnesota lake system was inspiring and impressive.

However, I came to the conclusion that if I got hung up behind one more RV or big boat in tow, slapping myself and begging for some buttermilk would be in order.

But alas, we made it to Langdon and it didn’t take us very long to realize we made the right decision to start our new lives in your great community.

I come from a school of seven-day newspapers and 70-80 hours a week so the speed of things in Langdon didn’t take long to grab me by the seat of my britches and tell me to slow down and enjoy life.

In fact, if I was a betting man, I’d say I’ve put at least five more years back on my life here.

But that only happened because of the wonderful people that call Langdon home.

LeAnn and I want to thank everyone who has helped our transition to a new home be a little easier. Starting over in a new town can be difficult.

So many good people have just wrapped their arms around us and made us feel right at home and we will always be grateful and thankful for that.

People can say what they want to about small town living but I’m here to tell them it’s all about the people in the community.

From my editor’s standpoint, words cannot express my thanks for all the kind words about my writing and the fondness of my columns.

I’m just a dumb old Southern boy from Georgia and I do what I do because I love it.

Your words of appreciation will be forever etched on my heart.

As we all move into the future together, it is my wish that someday we will not be viewed as outsiders.

We consider it an honor to be a part of this great community and call Langdon our home.

Just think, I’m already five years younger. Heck, before you know it, I’ll be back in toddler clothes.

[Note to self-scary visual]

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at republicannews@countrymedia.net.