School Board soars through audit, clubs added

The Langdon Area school board budget for 2014 was approved last month and if Monday night was any kind of indicator, the board should be in good shape for fiscal responsibility next year.


Posted on 9/14/13

By Lee Coleman

At Monday’s regularly scheduled meeting of the school board, certified public accountant Emil Schoenfish of Devil’s Lake painted a nice picture with the results of the yearly audit.

“The district is in compliance following laws and we didn’t find any instances of non-compliance,” said Schoenfish. “Financially, it was a good year for the district. It is a great place to be. Congratulations.”

Superintendent Rich Rogers was pleased with the results but not necessarily surprised.

“We’ve been fortunate that these always turn out good,” Rogers said. “We want to be in compliance and it is good to get confirmation. We’ve had pretty similar audits over the years.

“We’ve got some reserves available and that makes things go well.”

In other board news, Rogers said school enrollment was up this year from 344 students to 354 students which, he noted, was good for additional state money.

In sporting news, the board approved new contracts for volleyball coaches Jennifer Romfo and Betsy Sheppard of Munich.

Langdon sponsor teachers Amy Kram and Carla Symons came before the board to answer questions on the implementation of the Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) clubs.

According to Rogers, the question became sustaining the number of members in the clubs, pulling kids from other activities and providing support on a limited basis.

“I had some kids express interest last spring in the FCCLA and I believe the interest is still there,” Kram said. “We are not trying to pull kids out of other activities. It is a matter of competitive activities and leadership activities.”

Board chairman Warren Jonasson expressed concern over limited kids in limited activities.

“When do we look for viability to put the money and time into it,” he asked. “We are drawing a limited number of kids in too many different directions.

“We have to have continued dialogue and watch the numbers to see if the viability continues.”

A motion was made and both groups were approved to start up.

“We will work on getting the kids geared up and excited for the year,” Kram explained after the vote. “We will be taking care of the new charter formalities, notifying the state and getting the kids registered for leadership activities and opportunities.”

Symons said HOSA was new to North Dakota last year but said the biggest advantage is the continuation of the HOSA club into the college years of the students.

“My classes are small but we are going to roll with it,” Symons said. “I feel very strongly about HOSA doing a lot of local community things.”