Spotlight on Business: Blue Ribbon Kennels

Sharon & Gordon Sondeland • 256-3412 or 370-1989

Blue Ribbon Kennels

Posted on 9/27/13

By Lee Coleman

Funny thing about dogs. They are completely unconditional in their love and have a way of ruining a perfectly good bad mood.

And so, those endearing features are just some of the reasons Gordon and Sharon Sondeland decided to open Blue Ribbon Kennels out on the old Blue Ribbon Farm.

“I’ve always had a dog,” Sharon said. “I started thinking that I always wanted to do this and thought it would be fun to run a dog kennel some day.”

Some day came sooner than later when Country Kennels closed and Sharon found herself with some experience from Country Kennels and decided to give her new kennels a go.

“There is a great need for kennels,” she explained. “The holidays are coming up and you’re always busy during the summer. Sometimes people are traveling and they come into town for funerals, weddings or reunions.”

“It might be an occasion for them to board their dogs. We have enough room for hunters to board their dogs rather than leaving them in kennels in the back of a truck during cold weather.”

Blue Ribbon Kennels has six small kennels and 21 large kennels capable of holding multiple dogs, four cat kennels and five dog runs for exercise.

Colleen Brown assists the Sondeland’s at the kennels and Sonja Heck is available for grooming by appointments by calling 256-2839 or 370-2647.

The rates at Blue Ribbon Kennels are $15 per day for one dog, $20 per day for two or more dogs in a kennel and $10 per day for a cat.

“I do this just because of my love for dogs. I am somebody that will be there for the animals,” Sharon explained. “If you are a pet owner, you understand the love of your animal. They are always there to greet you.”

“People get on the go and don’t want to leave their animals alone. We take that fear away.”

For reservations, call Blue Ribbon Kennels at (701)256-3412 or (701)370-1989.

Directions: from the junctions of Highways 1 & 5, go two miles East on Highway 5, then turn and go North for two miles and then turn right and go East for half a mile.