County Recorder’s office going electronic

As the age of modern technology has engulfed our world, the Cavalier County Recorder’s office has stepped up to meet the challenges.

E-Recording group

Posted on 11/9/13

By Lee Coleman

County Recorder Vicki Kubat has signed her office up for E-Recording, a product of Simplifile, based in Minneapolis.

The system entails the process of recording public documents electronically.

All companies that record documents in Cavalier County are eligible to sign up for the service.

Now in its 12th year, Simplifile has already signed up a number of counties in North Dakota without any costs to the county.

“It has been amazing to watch the growth,” said Melanie Gornick of Simplifile. “We started out with one county and each year it has grown.”

For many, the process of changing over electronically from what has been paper procedures for decades could pose a challenge, Gronick said.

“The downside might be introducing technology,” she said. “There is a generation that is not comfortable with technology as are later generations.

“It involves a lot of training but companies have to stay competitive and they have to figure out how they want to do it.”

The county will only take in money for documentation fees as normal. Businesses, known as submitters, pay Simplifile $295 up front for software licensing rights and then $5 per document recorded which Kubat pointed out could be a big savings over the costs of over night freight costs.

“It just seemed like other counties in the state were going with E-Recording and I wanted to be able to offer another service to our customers out there to make it more user-friendly,” Kubat said. “I wanted to keep our county up-to-date on all the technology that is available to run my office as efficient as possible.

“This is the way of the time.”

The security of documents transmitted electronically was a big question for Kubat.

“That was the question I had from a number of other people when talking about e-recording,” she explained. “Everything is encrypted and I feel like it is a safe and secure way to send documents for recording.”

Kubat admits being from the ‘old school’ style of doing business but said she is looking forward to working with the new system.

“I think some of us from the old school need to take the blinders off and look at the whole picture and how we are serving our community and the taxpayers of this county,” she said. “I’m hoping other old school people will see this is the way of the times, just like when we used to have typewriters.

“Times are changing and we have to go along with the changes. This is a wonderful step forward.”

For more information on the program, contact Melanie Gornick at 612-384-3018 or Vicki Kubat at 256-2136.