Spotlight on Business: Cutting Edges Hair Salon

Tara Domres • 701-256-2100

Tara Domres

Posted on 11/16/13

By Lee Coleman

Nearly three years ago, Tara Domres found herself at a crossroad of sorts, trying to decide about her future as a hair stylist.

After working over 1,500 hours with Cathy White at Cathy’s Towne Shoppe perfecting her art, Domres took a leap of faith.

Pam LaFrenz, the owner of Artistic Hair Design, called Domres and offered her an opportunity to buy the salon located at 708 Third Street in Langdon.

Feeling confident about her training and skill sets, Domres, 22, bought the salon and has been there ever since.

“I was scared,” Domres admitted. “I didn’t know if people would come to me because I was new.

“Buying a business is a big thing. I didn’t want Cathy (White) to be mad at me for moving on.”

Domres started cutting hair in high school at Langdon Area, styling her own and that of her friends. After graduation, Domres enrolled at Josef’s School of Hair Design in Grand Forks and 13 months later, she received her diploma in cosmetology.

“It has gone pretty well,” Domres said. “I’ve gotten a lot of new clientele and I am working on building that. I want my clientele to feel comfortable while they’re here.

“Doing good hair and having my clients tell other people how good the overall experience was is the key to developing new clientele.”

In addition to hair styling, Domres offers full service pedicures and an array of hair products.

The salon is open Monday from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. and from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

Also, Domres has evening appointments available on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

“The best moment I have had was when I was finishing up a multi-color job and I turned her around in her chair and she started to cry because she loved her hair so much,” Domres recalled.

“It made me feel good too because I was able to make that person’s day so much better.”

To make an appointment, call Tara Domres at 701-256-2100.