Local Coat Drive launched

Winter is here and for those needing warm clothing, Langdon Area High School junior Hope Bodnar is on a mission to provide a ray of hope.

Posted on 11/23/13

By Lee Coleman

Called ‘Out with the cold, in with your old coats’, Bodnar, 16, has launched a coat drive to provide much needed warmth throughout the winter season.

In conjunction with her youth group Ignite and their ‘My one shirt’ campaign, the idea suddenly came to Bodnar.

“We are trying to raise money for people that have only one shirt and I was thinking there are some people in Langdon that don’t have winter coats, hats or gloves,” she explained. “I thought since it is getting cold outside, I decided it would be nice for people to have a coat.”

There are two drop-off locations for your donation; Kathy’s Town Shoppe or at 1005 17th Avenue.

In addition to winter coats, Bodnar is seeking donations of gloves, hats, scarfs and throw blankets to add to the collection that will be given to Cavalier County Social Services for distribution to those most in need.

The program will continue throughout the winter months and Bodnar said there isn’t a numerical goal set for the number of items donated.

“I would like to see everyone in Langdon who doesn’t have a coat to have one,” Bodnar said. “It would be awesome if our community could do that.

“It means the world to me to put a smile on someone’s face by keeping them warm.

“If someone has winter clothing laying around the house without any purpose, why not donate it to someone who does have a purpose.”