Got a Minute: Keep your eyes on the horizon

After Monday’s Langdon City Commission meeting, Jim Rademacher became the new Street Commissioner, replacing Dennis Flaten for the remainder of the term until the general election in June.

Posted on 11/30/13

By Lee Coleman

Rademacher defeated Lindsey Gellner for the spot. Prior to the handwritten vote, neither candidate would confirm any intent to run in June.

Both simply answered “quite possibly”.

After the vote was revealed, Rademacher showed no emotion while Gellner became tight-lipped and pensive.

But there was something else. From where I sat, I sensed a strong determination from Gellner to come back with a full campaign behind her in June.

I could very well be wrong but my spider senses tell me not this time.

The problem with not running in June is what can be accomplished on the streets while they are part of a frozen tundra until who knows when next year?

Rademacher said he will use his short term to run a test and see if he wants to stay on the commission.

It could possibly be a full field for this seat. Too many people are upset with the condition of the streets and some people that believe they can make a difference will likely step up and jump into the fray.

Don’t count Lindsey Gellner out just yet.

The key for success of this seat, both now and during the new term next year, will be the ability to raise funds for city street projects.

I was reminded of 2005 when Main Street was repaired.

Will the question of taxpayers footing the bill for a bond referendum surface?

In a perfect world, no. In today’s world, likely.

Will the new street commissioner in June become the lightning rod for street controversy?


Is there a storm brewing with six months to gain strength before landfall?


Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at leecoleman88@yahoo.com.