Help those in need this season

The Christmas season is about giving to others and the Langdon Motor Inn has been touched by the spirit, setting up the inaugural Christmas Giving Tree at the hotel on Highway 5.

Giving Tree

Posted on 12/7/13

By Lee Coleman

The Giving Tree is adorned with about 50 tags listing items needed for an individual in need.

There aren’t any names on the tags but St. Alphonsus School, Langdon Area Schools and churches in the community have submitted needs information for the tags.

To participate, citizens are asked to come by the hotel and pull a tag from the tree and return the items listed to the hotel by December 19.

The gifts will be delivered on December 20.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a few years,” said hotel co-owner Alex Chaput. “There used to be a Giving Tree in Langdon but for some reason, there isn’t one anymore.

“I figured no one would come to my house and pull a tag off my tree so now we have a place that is accessible.”

The tree was decorated the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and co-owner Vanessa Chaput said about 15 tags have been removed from the tree.

“It is the giving aspect,” she said. “We want our daughter to appreciate her toy. We talked about the Giving Tree and that’s how it got started.

“I want to instill good qualities in our daughter and I want her to be a giving person.”

The Giving Tree is not only for kids in need but also for senior citizens.

“It is our way to give back to the community,” said Alex. “I was born and raised here and I feel like this community has given a lot to me.

“This isn’t about us or our business. It is about the community and giving back.

“If you bring in one item or a whole truck load, you are going to touch a life.”

For more information, contact the hotel at (701) 256-3600.

“It is important everyone feels loved and has all the necessities.” Vanessa added.