Veterans Home gets much needed items

The Cavalier County Veterans Service Office, under the direction of Leon Hiltner, recently donated items to the North Dakota Veteran’s Home in Lisbon.

Leon and Cavalier County Fall 2013

Posted on 12/7/13

By Lee Coleman

For the second year, Hiltner gathered needed items and delivered them to Susie Schlecht, Marketing Director of the home.

“The North Dakota Veterans Home is so thankful for CVSO Leon Hiltner and the friends of Cavalier County,” Schlecht said. “Leon recently delivered his second carload of items for our residents. The clothes and various items have been put to good use.

“Leon has been consciousness of seeking what our residents need and gets updates of our resident wish list often. We would like to express our gratitude to all those who give to our Veterans and their spouses. We are proud to be in a state that takes care of their heroes.”

Last year, Hiltner delivered 40 coats but this year’s Wish List included lighters and matches, men’s clothing, blank special occasion cards, clocks, after shave, shoe polish, shoelaces, laundry soap, winter gloves and winter hats.

“This is a way to connect to those veterans that need these items,” Hiltner said, “This year, we dovetailed into the Wish List and I took down six or eight boxes of stuff.”

The items were donated by the American Cancer Society through their recent community rummage sale.

“The primary mission of my office is to help veterans,” Hiltner explained.

“I want to expand this program by reaching out to homeless veterans, especially those in our area.

“A veteran is a veteran. We all served our country and we all should be taken care of to that end.”

For more information or to donate, call 701-256-2146 or send an email to

Items still needed for veterans include iTunes cards, calling cards, tennis balls, electric razors, stamps, watches, plastic soap dishes, hair conditioner and dryer sheets.