The Lee Side: Just go play the game already

The college football bowl season and the stretch run to the NFL playoffs and the road to the Super Bowl are vividly in front of us.

Posted on 12/14/13

By Lee Coleman

I love the game of football. Period. As a player, the harder I hit you, the better I felt about myself.

I took pleasure in ringing opponent’s bells. I took pleasure in crashing through a wall of blockers to make a tackle.

So naturally, I took pleasure in inflicting bodily harm to those who stood in the way of my team grabbing another victory.

But yet, when I or any of my teammates made a good play, we got up, went back to the huddle and didn’t dance around like a beehive just fell on our heads.

Kids today are being sent the wrong message by those players they look up to. Getting fired up is great but taunting is carefully planned in advance.

Why do players find it necessary to bring attention to themselves because they just made a play?

Just get up and go play the game.

There isn’t any need for a player to show their inferiority complex by letting everyone know they just recovered a fumble.

But then again, maybe some of them should. Fans can’t see the names on the back of their jerseys because of all the long hair and dreadlocks.

Or whatever they call it.

Cut your dang hair. Or take all that fake hair off your head.

Football has become too commercialized.

NFL players don’t need to dance a dance, twerk or celebrate as if they are the greatest thing on four wheels.

They are paid millions of dollars to just go out and do their jobs.

Dick Butkus never wore his hair below the helmet line. Jack Lambert never danced after making a bone-jarring hit. Lynn Swann never dunked over the crossbar. Joe Namath backed up his predictions with his play. Joe Montana and John Elway just went out and did their jobs and won championships.

Today, athletes might sit out three weeks with a sore toe.

Just go play the game already.

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at

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  1. That’s why I quit watching NFL football 20+ years ago. Go back and watch the Vikings vs. Cowboys from 1975, the NFC Championship game. There were far more hits and outstanding plays made by Eller,Page, Tarkenton, Belintekof to make your head spin as well as the Cowboys. They got up and went back to the huddle and did their job.

    I switched to college football for this reason. They play the game to get to the next level, not because they are paid millions. If they celebrate too much its a 15 yard penalty.

    As a coach how do you go tell the guy your boss is paying $5 million a year that he can’t celebrate? Money ruined it as it has almost every other sport. No salaries for players in college sports so it can be controlled.

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