Paulson named Teacher of the Year at Langdon Area

Six year Langdon Area Schools art teacher Mindi Paulson reached the pinnacle of her profession last week when she was introduced as the Teacher of the Year at the annual staff Christmas party.


Posted on 12/14/13

By Lee Coleman

Paulson, 28, teaches kindergarten through 12th grade and graduated from Valley City State University in spring, 2008. Born in Devil’s Lake and raised in Hillsboro, Paulson comes from a long line of family educators.

“It was truly an honor to win,” Paulson said. “I’ve been nominated a few times and usually someone I think is more deserving wins it. I was just shocked. People told me I was deserving but I thought someone else would win.

“It was shocking to me but also very humbling.”

A part of the mastery of teaching art at all levels ultimately comes back to having fun with the students and the curriculum.

“People are always telling me how fun it is to have a good art program and I think in a lot of ways, it is fun,” Paulson said. “For me, that goes with the territory. It is nice to be appreciated.”

Teaching at the high school in the mornings and at the elementary school in the afternoons can create quite a challenge on a daily basis.

“It is a busy day but I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” Paulson explained. “Little kids are easy actually because everything is magical and very new and they can learn something exciting they did not know they could learn.”

Art, Paulson said, can open creative thinking and give art students an unique stimuli for learning.

“It can be as simple as drawing an animal in a way they didn’t know before,” Paulson said. “At the high school level, students get to choose art (except in 8th grade) so, for the most part, they want to be there.

“Art is a fun way to develop skills and the students can look back and realize they were learning. I was very humbled to know someone appreciates you by nominating you.

“It makes you realize all the long hours are worth it. I had no idea how lucky I am to be a part of the Langdon Area School system.

“Langdon is probably one of the most art supportive small towns in the state and the Northern Lights Arts Council makes a difference.”