Nekoma Fire Department gets a facelift

After raising money for nearly four years, the remodeling of the outside of the Nekoma Fire Hall has been completed.


Nekoma fire hall color

Posted on 12/21/13 By Lee Coleman

Nekoma contractor Paul Liebersbach completed the work that included a new roof, two new windows and re-tinning the exterior. “The roof was leaking and the outside was very old and it looked worn down,” said Rodney Haraseth, secretary and treasurer of the department. “Nova brick was put out front and it looks good.” The fire hall houses three fire trucks and Fire Chief Dick Wilhelmi has 25 volunteer firefighters on his roll. “This is a great improvement,” Wilhelmi said. “It is a good feeling to see the structure looking like a new building.” The meeting room inside the hall is yet to be remodeled, Wilhelmi said. “There is not a time-line on that,” he added. “The city is handling the interior remodeling. Our part was the outside. “I want to thank everyone that has contributed to the effort with all the financial support. “The help is very much appreciated.”

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  1. Hi there Nekoma Fire Department,

    You save lives all year round how come you can just go out and kill for fun beautiful coyotes. I cannot understand this violence that humans have towards animals. Coyotes also have families like you and me and this is their planet also. Live and let live and our planet will be a much better place without all this terrible violence.
    Thank you, Lesley

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