Boyd Block rights transferred to city

Considered the center of Langdon, Boyd Block was officially transferred to the City Monday night from the Cavalier County Job Development Authority at the last regularly scheduled Langdon City Commissioner Board meeting of 2013.

Boyd Block Now

Posted on 12/28/13

By Lee Coleman

The commissioners voted unanimously to accept the transfer after Board President Chuck Downs confirmed the completion of due diligence on the insurance.

“We need to make sure the debt is not transferred to us,” said commissioner Garrett Freier.

The debt referred to the costs associated with the development of Phase II of the project.

According to CCJDA executive director Shannon Duerr, the debt would stay.

“We’ll continue to do the fund raising for both Phase I and II,” she said. “Transferring the property is a good thing because it was going to happen eventually anyway. It will make things smoother.”

Duerr said Phase II will be completed as soon as all the funding is in hand for the shade canopies, picnic tables and the history/public art/donor wall.

“In a perfect world, we hope to be finished by the time the snow flies next year,” Duerr said. “If it takes two construction seasons, we’re prepared for that. It all depends on how the fundraising goes.”

Stating the fundraising for Phase I went as planned, Duerr didn’t anticipate any difficulties continuing that trend.

“We did take out a $75,000 loan but the reason we did that was because we have pledges for donations we will get over the next four years,” she explained. “Everyone we’ve talked to understands the project. We were the group to get it off the ground and the city agreed to take it over.”

In other commission business, Steph Welsh presented a BreatheND Langdon City Parks and Recreational Facilities Tobacco Free Policy for consideration by the Board.

Mentioning other areas in the city that are already smoke-free, Welsh said the emphasis of this policy would target Boyd Block and the city pond.

“There are a lot of benefits to this policy,” she said. “Health is first and foremost. Second hand smoke is dangerous.

“Cigarette butts can be toxic to children and pets. This policy is pretty consistent with other outdoor spaces.”

A vote was not taken on the policy.

“We’ll take a look at it and get back to you.” Downs said.

Harvey Schneider and Rick Ring have resigned from the Airport Board. Ryan Howatt will replace Ring and finish out his term and also become the airport manager. Kevin Forest will replace Schneider and finish out his term. Ring will replace Ole Nowatzski on the county board.

Lastly, Downs called for a special meeting to discuss wages.

“It is a topic we need to discuss,” he said. “We need to have a meeting.”

The meeting will be held Monday, Dec. 30 at 6 p.m.