Langdon Area High School duo spearhead frantic food drive to stock Langdon Food Pantry

It only takes a spark to ignite a fire and that adage came to fruition recently at Langdon Area High School when a simple idea turned into 700 items of food being collected in one week for the Langdon Food Bank to help feed the hungry.

Food Pantry

Posted on 12/28/13

By Lee Coleman

Amy Kram, a teacher and director of the Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) at the school, proposed the idea of a food drive involving the elementary, middle and high schools.

Senior Ally Schwartz and junior Renae McGauvran took the idea by the horns and made it happen.

“Mrs. Kram suggested the idea and we just took the ball and ran,” said Schwartz. “We went to the elementary school everyday. They brought in so many items.”

Each day, after eliminating expired products, the totals were written on paper Christmas trees during the drive.

“I was surprised we got that many items,” Schwartz admitted. “It was really surprising. I didn’t think it would turn out the way it did.”

Both girls said the effort involved hard work and was time consuming but neither lost sight of the real reason for the drive.

“It was time consuming but not difficult,” McGauvran explained. “It was really nice to get all that food. We are community based and around Christmas time, it was a good time to do the drive.

“It was great to get involved in the community and the food bank and help people out.”

Schwartz, who hopes to attend NDSU next fall, agreed.

“I just thought about how some families have to struggle,” she said. “It was so easy to give to them.

“The time it took meant nothing when it came to providing a family with food. We were able to help a lot of people.”