Spotlight on Business: High Point Networks

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Justin Fetsch

Posted on 12/28/13

By Lee Coleman

Langdon natives Tom McDougall and Justin Fetsch of High Point Networks took a computer technology idea to heart and started the company, growing from four employees 10 years ago to 51 today with six locations.

High Point is a technology company with two locations in North Dakota and one each in Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, Colorado and Montana.

The company sells products behind the computer screen and applications including infrastructure components, phone systems, data network security applications and virtualization.

“Our business has grown a lot as we have increased manufacturers,” Fetsch said. “We help them sell their products.

“The key has been doing business as business should be done. The right way. We put ourselves in the customers seat. We have grown based on that.”

The goal, Fetsch said, is to make customers successful and keep them coming back.

“We are focusing on what is best for the customer, not what’s best for us,” said McDougall, the founder of High Point. “Really what ties us together is service. Everyone on our staff is empowered to make decisions.

“At the end of the day, we spend all our time focused on making customers successful and because of that, business has gone crazy.”

McDougall simplified the High Point business model by relating the core business to what he called The Four Colors; infrastructure, security, telephones and data systems.

“What makes us work is the foundation that ties all the pieces together,’ he said. “I wake up and love to go to work. I love doing what we’re doing.”

To contact them call (877) 850-6459.