Spotlight on Business: Fischer Land Surveying and Engineering

Dan Fischer • 701-256-5728

Fischer Bldg

Posted on 1/4/14

By Lee Coleman

In 1982, Dan Fischer walked away from North Dakota State University with a degree in construction management.

During his college days, Fischer did some land surveying work and little did he know some 31 years later he would own Fischer Land Surveying and Engineering.

“I’ve always enjoyed surveying since I was in college,” Fischer said. “I found it to be an interesting field just like engineering.”

Fischer’s career path didn’t immediately lead him to surveying.

“I came to Langdon and there weren’t any surveyors or engineers in town,” he recalled. “I thought this would be a good community to start a business in.”

While working for the Cavalier County Water Board, Fischer began expanding his surveying horizons.

“I worked nights and weekends after the Water Board hours. Over time, I built enough clientele to go out on my own,” he said proudly.

In 1999, Fischer took a leap of faith and founded his company, working alone with just some summer help.

Now, Fischer has himself, wife Peggy handling the books and three full time employees.

“I’ve accomplished what I felt was a comfortable rate of growth,” he explained. “I don’t believe in hiring people just for big jobs then laying them off.”

“I’ve had opportunities for huge jobs but I didn’t want to drop the clients that have gotten me to where I am today.”

“They will be here for the long haul.”

Fischer never shied away from the inherent challenges of a family-owned business or the true value of a client.

“It is tough because of the time and effort you have to commit to keep a business viable,” he said. “A lot of people don’t realize the commitment you have to give to it.”

“If you take care of your clients and treat them fairly, the wheel will keep rolling.”