Got a Minute: This, that and a sip of water

After reporting on the city and the county for the last five months, I have come to one of many conclusions.

Posted on 1/11/14

By Lee Coleman

2014 will be a whiz-bang year in the city and the county and for those who want to saddle up, well, keep a cup of coffee going at the Bread Pan.

It will be a doozy.

Will Rogers once said if people don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes and it will change.

A perfect analogy for 2014 Cavalier County and the City of Langdon.

For starters, the city general election will be held June 10 and the seats of commission president Chuck Downs, water commissioner Garrett Freier and the interim seat of street commissioner Jim Rademacher will all be open for new four year terms.

Downs is hanging it up after 13 years of service and Freier has said he has had enough after one term.

Rademacher was appointed after the abrupt resignation of commissioner Dennis Flaten amidst stories of on-going conflict and upsets.

Those interested in filing a petition to be on the ballot should do so by Apr. 7 at 4 p.m. Petitions can be picked up at city hall during normal business hours.

The county will have an election as well with the county auditor, treasurer, recorder, sheriff, state attorney and three commissioner seats up for grabs.

Commissioner Elsie Magnus and county auditor Dawn Roppel have confirmed they will seek re-election.

Ole Nowatzki and Rich Flanders have not confirmed their intentions nor has Vicki Kubat, Cindy Stremick, Dave Zeis and Scott Stewart.

The primary election will be held June 3 and the general election will take place on Nov. 4.

The deadline to submit a petition to have your name placed on the county ballot is April 4.

The on-going battle over water rights in the Munich aquifer took on a whole new persona as the dynamics changed on Jan. 1.

Effective on the first, the new Northeast Regional Water District rolled out and this was the result of a merger last May between the North Valley and Langdon Rural Water districts.

In essence, the new water district was formed to combat the City of Langdon in the coming months over the aquifer rights.

On March 27, the new water district will hold its first annual meeting and the new board of directors and the NRWD director will be elected.

The North Valley board members who have petitioned for the Director’s slot are Rick Bigwood, Bruce Henschel, Kevin Brown and Arnie Peterson.

From Langdon Rural, Michele Schommer, Brian Kram and Winston Johnson, Jr. are seeking the top spot.

Petitions for directorship are still open and must be submitted in the Northern Valley or Langdon Rural offices no later than Jan. 24.

In the meantime, the formation of the new water district will create a formidable foe for the City of Langdon in coming months as the water battle heats up.

It is said strength comes from numbers. So does great responsibility.

Pass the water pitcher please.

I’ll have a sip or three for now.

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at leecoleman88@yahoo.com.