The Lee Side: BCS bites bowl bullet; Bison rock

I’m sure there are college football fans that loved the now-defunct Bowl Championship Series.

Posted on 1/11/14

By Lee Coleman

Not matter how complicated it became, some teams were getting the short end of the stick. In a flawed system, teams got flawed.

But alas, that time has passed. The top tier of the NCAA is going to a playoff system.

It should be done that way.

The national championship should be won on the playing field after a team has earned their way to the final game.

Not from some cold, heartless computer that says a team gets mysterious points for their game socks being the same length, resulting in said team getting a title shot

Some say the playoffs will make the college football season too long. Tell that to North Dakota State University.

The Bison have thrived in the playoff season. Three straight FCS national championships.

From a team with 20-plus seniors.

Some have said that gave NDSU an unfair advantage. No it didn’t. Not today, not ever.

It gave them a group of young men that believed in each other and believed in the system of their coaches.

They became a unit of one and that unparalleled experience gave them an advantage.

For the whiners out there, why didn’t your team find a way to gain an advantage?

Football is a game where people are going to get hurt and things are going to happen.

Seems to me it all boils down to how a team handles adversity and how a team handles success.

The new college football playoff system will bring those dynamics out next fall.

It will create an equal playing field for everyone. It will show us all what teams are made of.

I watched the Bison all year and I came away feeling pretty good about a new team I watched all season.

These Bison had the heart and the intestinal fortitude to win it all.

And when a team can figure out a way to be successful at handling the intangibles whenever they pop up, there is something pretty special about that team.

After graduating all those seniors, the underclassmen coming up will not miss a beat.

They grew into better football players and men just being around this group of seniors.

The new head coach already knows his new team and the same work ethic instilled everyday will be an easy carryover to the fall.

No one knows for sure what will happen in the fall. That’s the beauty of a college football season.

The Bison may go undefeated again or they might lose every game. No one knows.

But yet, there are two things I know to be an absolute constant about this team,

First, I have become a fan and I look forward to the day where I can participate in a tailgate party that encompasses 18 acres of gold and green.

But most importantly, I know this team and program has a foundation of concrete and not one of gooey sand.

There aren’t any footprints in the wet earth here.

Only warm footprints of solidarity and unity.

This from a program that knows how to get it done.

In football and in life.

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at