The Lee Side: Hard to beat experience

This weekend will be highlighted by the AFC and NFC championship games to determine who goes to the Big Apple to play in the Super Bowl.

Posted Jan. 18, 2014

For fans, these games have been a long time coming. And they will be worth the wait.

Seattle and San Francisco. Each with young dynamic quarterbacks staking their claim in the league.

In the other game, Denver and New England. Both with two of the all-time best quarterbacks to ever play the game.

One thing is certain for this year’s Super Bowl.

It will be the upcoming versus the old salty sea dogs for the title.

Until they strap them on and get between the lines, nobody can possibly know what will happen.

Me, I tend to go with the experience and defense winning championships.

I believe Russell Wilson and Colin Humperdink will have their days in due time but not this year.

Peyton Manning or Tom Brady will prevail in New York. No matter who they play.

Of course, I could be wrong but I would love to see Denver and Seattle for all the marbles.

Take Denver. They finally have everyone healthy and Champ Bailey is making a good adjustment as a nickel back.

The former Georgia Bulldog known as Knowshon Moreno has had a great year and has developed an attitude that could help propel the Broncos.

Seattle could get lost in all that is the Super Bowl but the veteran Denver team will know how to take care of business in the end.

I must admit I am looking forward to both games.

Seattle and San Francisco will pound the daylights out of each other.


But Manning against Brady?

A chess match with both players looking for checkmate.

That is the way it should be.

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at