Spotlight on Business: Tom’s Lounge

Tom’s Lounge in Langdon, a staple in the local bar scene since 1977, has been sold to Jesse and Christa Johnson, owners of Sporty’s Bar.


Tom’s Lounge

Jesse and Christa Johnson


The sale was official Jan. 1, ironically one year to the date when the Johnson’s took over Sporty’s.

“It went up for sale and we were interested in it and knew Tom (Perius) had been in the business here for quite a long time,” Jesse said. “We figured it would be a good business decision to take it over.”

“Things progressed well and it all came to a head in mid-December and here we are.”

Jesse started in the bar business last year after buying Sporty’s while Christa has been in the business for over 10 years, mostly at Old Chicago in Fargo.

With the population increasing and the demographics becoming younger, the Johnson’s felt like the timing was right to own two bars on Main Street.

“The crowds like to move around and everyone has their own place where they like to sit and be comfortable,” Jesse explained. “Tom has been here so long, the bar has its own group and following.”

Jesse said things have gone well at Sporty’s over the last year including several changes and a huge learning curve to boot.

“When you take over a business yourself, it’s a whole new ball game and learning curve for us, but it went well,” he said. “People have been great and the community has been really supportive and we’re glad we did it.”

Unlike Sporty’s, the Johnson’s don’t have any immediate plans to make any changes at Tom’s.

“The key for us is to look for new, fresh ideas and keep a great attitude,” Jesse said. “We have to keep the customers happy and listen to what they want and the give them what they want.”