Crockett opens realty service in Langdon

Well known local realtor Susan Fay Crockett has spread her wings and received her real estate broker’s license.

Susan Fay

Posted on 1/25/14

By Lee Coleman

By virtue of receiving the license, Crockett has founded Crockett Realty Services at 308 8th Street in Langdon.

After receiving her sales person license in 2011, Crockett was required by law to serve two years as an independent agent under another broker before applying for her brokerage license.

As such, Crockett worked with Christianson Realty until December.

“That opportunity played a key role in my development as a realtor,” said the affable Crockett on Tuesday. “I had to do that for two years before I could consider establishing my own brokerage.”

It was a journey for Crockett but one she knew had to happen for the future to open up.

“It took awhile to get my name out there and for people to know you are providing a service.

“Getting that first call from someone to show them a property was pretty exciting.”

Crockett admitted the last two years included a huge learning curve from the beginning to just learn every individual is different and what they are seeking.”

The ability to understand people and their needs has been a catalyst for Crockett.

“You have to have an understanding of the people you are sharing properties with,” she explained. “Looking at two sides of the coin with your priority being the seller, you care about the buyer reaching their goals but you represent the buyer.”

And that will continue at Crockett Realty Services. With a choice between being a buyer, seller or dual agency, Crockett has opted to stay with what she knows and be a seller’s agency.

“Each day is getting more and more of that good, warm feeling with the help of all the community, family and friends that helped me bring it together,” Crockett stated. “It is getting better each day and I think there is more excitement brewing for me.

“I think the real estate activity in the city of Langdon and surrounding areas is at a very nice, steady pace.”

Crockett is hopeful people will give her a chance so she can show why she was ready for this big step in her life.

“I hope individuals will get excited about the services I have to offer them,” she said. “I hope they will contact me to assist them with reaching their goals.

“No matter who I am working with, I must stay true to myself and be myself and stay true to my value system and my ethics.

“I care for others and in that process, everything works out. It is about people and being sensitive to their needs and everything works out when you don’t go outside yourself.

“I believe we’re all here to help each other out and in that process, good things happen when you are honest with people.

“I am proud to provide a service. The choice is yours.”

Crockett can be reached at 701-256-2726 or 701-370-1890.