Got a Minute: What to do, what to do

The winter is all over us now and bad weather has become common.

Posted on 1/25/14

By Lee Coleman

[Note to self-said that way too easy].

Not being from these parts, I have marveled at how easily people go about their business everyday without blinking an eye in some pretty testy situations.

I’m still a rookie and learning the winter ways and I’ve had some good teachers, most of them having no idea I was observing how to live life in the winter abyss of Langdon.

But one thing puzzles me. The decision to close businesses on bad winter days.

I know folks are used to it and know how to adapt. I am supposing it takes a treacherous, totally dangerous weather condition to close shop.

Be that as it may, I was baffled to learn how the county commissioners caught so much grief for closing the courthouse during last week’s blizzard.

Seems folks think the courthouse should be open if businesses are and consequently, county officials should not shutdown the courthouse based on the decision the school boards have made.

There are good merits to both these arguments but where should the county draw the line for employee safety and well being?

Or, is there a line that can be drawn?

Universally, it comes down to good judgment. Both by the employer and the employee.

The matter then becomes how to manage employee pay for days missed because of the weather if said employee opts to not take the chance.

The city does not have a policy on closing city hall but reports have indicated the decision ultimately comes down to the city commissioners.

The county, on the other hand, is struggling to develop a firm policy to deal with the question.

Only because their full intent is to do the right thing for all citizens, employees and businesses.

At the end of the day, the county commissioners will find a way to resolve the issue to do right by all people.

That is what they do.

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at leecoleman88@yahoo.com.