Got a Minute: Ice and snow not a good combo

The troubles in Georgia and Alabama during last week’s winter storm were well documented, around the world I might add, and 13 people lost their lives.

Posted on 2/8/14

By Lee Coleman

Georgia has been the brunt of the jokes and rightly so, but hey, 13 people died.

Folks should be a little more considerate. If 13 people die in any storm, in any state, that was a bad storm.

By all accounts, experts say both states had ample warning to get everyone hunkered down.

So how does 9,000 people get stranded, including countless students on school buses, when there was plenty of time?

Instead of keeping students home and issuing severe travel warnings well in advance of this storm, it became a knee-jerk decision.

Folks waited too late because of the lack of leadership at the top of the state org board to make a call.

The ensuing nightmare was a direct result of everyone, including school buses full of kids, calling it a day at the same time and jamming every piece of concrete for hours.

People make jokes about Atlanta getting shut down by three inches of snow. It wasn’t necessarily the snow.

Let’s not forget the ice storm that hit first, glazing everything in it’s path. Now, add three inches of snow on top of that and you’ve got yourself some mayhem.

Especially for folks that don’t have any idea how to drive in it in the first place.

Georgia governor Nathan Deal took the fall, saying the buck stopped with him.

No time to be a hero Nathan. The state pays people a boatload of money to be prepared for these situations.

They tried to blame it on weather people. Let’s not forget a weatherman is the only job you won’t lose for being wrong.

Bottom line is being proactive. When communities could be in danger.

Didn’t happen. So sad.

I admit I was embarrassed by the whole deal.

But hey, 13 people died. Let’s remember them so this doesn’t ever happen again.

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at leecoleman88@yahoo.com.