Finnson retires after 42 years with the City

After 42 years of service to the City of Langdon in the Water Department, Jon Finnson, 66, retired recently.


Posted on 2/15/14

By Lee Coleman

Citing the aftermath of surgery in June, Finnson knew it was time.

“I went through a big operation at the end of June and I was planning on retiring in January anyway,” he said. “I had a lot of sick time through December so I decided this was the time.”

Finnson weighed the medical options but decided to take the high road.

“I decided to go while I’m healthy and save my legs a little bit,” he recalled. “When you are on your feet constantly on cement floors, they give out.”

The key to longevity Finnson said was the ability to hang tough.

“I just hung in there. Things got better as we went along,” he explained. “Back in the old days, there were good working conditions. The old working guys gradually dwindled away and then the old guys left.

“I guess I was the last one of the original bunch.”

As Finnson talked, he remembered the 42 years as a lot of long and hard hours, especially in the 1970’s when he said the city was besieged by water breaks.

As such, he saw a lot of changes.

“The biggest change was moving from the old plant to the new one,” he said. “Then they hit us with all these new regulations.

“It was a big change and there will be more changes in the near future.”

At the end of the day, Finnson said all the people he spent 42 years with were his fondest memories.

“I remember all the people I worked with,” he said. “We had a lot of good people coming through there.

“Back then, it was one big happy family.”

Finnson chuckled and said he is staying busy and trying to stay out of wife Kathy’s way.

The Finnson’s plan to take a long vacation this summer, zigzagging the country visiting friends and family.

“Now, I can kick back a little bit,” he said. “I want to thank the Lord for carrying me up to this spot in my life.

“I hope I just keep going.”