The Lee Side: Guts and glory – 230 strong

The entire world waited on the beginning of the 2014 Winter Olympics last week in Russia.

Posted on 2/15/14

By Lee Coleman

The last time the then-Soviet Union hosted an Olympics in 1980, half of the countries supposed to compete boycotted the event and didn’t show up.

Including the USA. Thanks for that Jimmy Carter. A young athletic trainer from Georgia had been nominated to the team and was prepared to take 50 pair of blue jeans and sell them for unheard of prices. Imagine that.

Thirty four years later and in what is now known as Russia, the entire world showed up. Including 230 athletes from the USA.

And the world celebrated.

With the exception of just one glitch, which the media has beaten to a pulp, the Opening Ceremonies were absolutely spectacular.

Politics aside, Russian president Valdimir Putin personally oversaw the preparations for the ceremonies and they just nailed it.

Pomp and circumstance can come in many different forms but I am hard-pressed to remember pomp telling a story like the Russians did Friday night.

The objective was to show the world a different side of the country often criticized and not necessarily held in the highest regards worldwide.

President Barack Obama and his family, as well as every other high ranking member of Obama’s staff and their families, did not attend.

Obama blew it off by reminding folks he didn’t attend the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Then, he said everyone’s schedules were too busy for any of them to attend, including wives.


They have only known about these Olympics for seven years when the announcement was made.

Capitol Hill ought to reconsider the pay scale of schedule makers.

Obviously, there is more to that than we will ever know but how can a sitting president make 230 warriors representing this great country feel all warm and fuzzy when the Commander-in-Chief stays home?

The answer? He can’t.

And he won’t.

Perhaps sending two battleships to the Black Sea is supposed to make up for it.

Congratulations Mr. President. You did it.

I suppose you can wait until our Olympic warriors return home and make the obligatory visit to the White House before you pat yourself on the back and tell them how great they are.

Athletes aren’t near as dumb as some people might suggest.

Especially ours.

Don’t forget to clear your busy schedule.

Coleman is the editor of the Republican and can be contacted at