‘Rev’ official track Chaplain at snowmobile derby

Retired Redeemer Lutheran Church Reverend Chuck Sheffler retired last fall and moved to St. Germain, Wisc., where retirement seems to be suiting ’The Rev’ as he is known locally.

Posted on 2/15/14

By Lee Coleman

In January, Sheffler became the official Track Chaplain for the 51st Snowmobile Derby World Championships in Eagle River, Wisc.

An avid snowmobiler, Sheffler became a member of the Sno-Eagles Club that helps with The Derby every year.

After meeting up with high school classmate and Sno-Eagle president Ken Storms, Sheffler made a trip to a Milwaukee event with Storms where he volunteered his time at The Derby.

There, Sheffler met Richard Decker and offered to pray before the event. According to Sheffler, the conversation progressed to the point of him becoming chaplain for the 2014 event.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” Sheffler recalled. “We talked about a lot of possibilities. He liked the fact I was a pastor and he liked my sled.”

Sheffler drives a 2011 Ski-doo Renegade X 1,200 four-stroke snowmobile.

“They had never had a full time chaplain,” Sheffler said. “It was a big honor for me. Here I am, new to the area and he liked my idea of having a chaplain around.

“Now that they want to keep it up, it’s good to know I started something nice.”

Now that 2014 is in the books, Sheffler is looking forward to the 2015 Derby with great anticipation.

“Dick wants to sit down and put some new ideas together,” he said. “He wants me to have some new responsibilities.

“I want to be more readily available. I got my feet wet and I have some new ideas. I’ll see what they think.”