Coyote hunt to be held on March 8

The Nekoma Fire Department will hold their first annual Coyote Hunt on Saturday, March 8 as a fundraiser for the department.

coyote hunt

Posted on 2/22/14

By Lee Coleman

“There have been numerous coyote hunts around the area,” said Clint Arens of the fire department. “We thought it would be good to raise some money and get rid of some coyotes.”

The hunt will be a team competition with two-man teams vying for the top spot with the most coyotes brought in.. The cost is $60 per team.

Twenty dollars of the fee will go to the fire department while $40 will go to the purse for winning teams.

The first place team will receive 50 percent, second place will get 30 percent and third place 20 percent of the purse.

“Besides raising money, more or less we’re trying to thin out the coyote population,” Arens said. “They are mating in January and February and there are a lot of them out there.”

To participate, hunters must have current licenses. Shotguns and all-terrain vehicles, including snow mobiles, will not be allowed. The pooling of animals by teams is not allowed as is the shooting of foxes.

Arens is hopeful for 50-60 teams to participate.

“We are hoping this will become an annual events,” he said. “Next year, we will start a little earlier.. We hope hunters will come out to give it a try and be safe.”

Breakfast will be served at the Pain Reliever starting at 5:30 a.m. on the day of the event. Registration is at 6 a.m. and check in is at 7 p.m.

Complete rules will be handed out at registration along with blocks.

For more information, call Clint at 701-270-0466, Zack at 701-256-0044 or Josh at 701-382-9583.


  1. Stupid hunt, outdated, useless, promoting cruelty against life! Insensibility. STOP IT!

  2. What inbred moron thought this up? Are you so unbelievably stupid and/or arrogant that you don’t realise that coyotes are the top predator in this ecosystem and that if you remove the coyote, all the other species involved will spiral either out of control or out of existence? Wake up to yourselves.

  3. I can not even begin to express my utter and complete contempt for the “people” responsible for this horrible activity. What kind of twisted sociopaths do you have in your area that they find amusement in slaughtering animals? Killing for pleasure is obscene and cruel and anyone who supports it is likewise obscene and cruel. To use a “slaughter festival” as a fundraiser for the Fire Department – an organization which is supposed to represent the best of humanity in saving lives is twisted and sickening.

  4. Please do not hunt the coyotes. There are much more human ways that to use guns and shoot these animals. US animal laws are worse than most other countries all around the world. This is not a good way to deal with this problem please don’t keep this hunt open shut it down.

  5. What a vile way to raise money for saving lives. This event is contradictory to what the word “fireman” or “fire company” reflects. I thought you were in the business of saving lives!

  6. Disgusting and further separates the sadists from the men…who I hope won’t show up!

    Do you have to kill wildlife to fundraise?????
    Then you go out and save life. My God – you must be confused!

  8. Why does such a senseless sport have to take place. You sport hunters make all are beautiful wildlife go exinct. You won’t like it so much when we humans start becoming the hunted.

  9. Please atop this. It’s inhumane, humans are supposed to be the advanced race. Why be so barbaric to something so beautiful and innocent? Humans are the most overpopulated species on this planet. We are losing too many animals.

  10. You are evil evil people. Please point the gun at each other to get rid of the real pests in this world. This is you incase you are to stupid to figure it out….

    Its 2014 not the cave man days anymore boys. If it was cave men days you,d be shaking , crying , in a corner because you are cowards and only have a gun. Use it wisely and get rid of the real pests.

    Very sincerely..
    Sandra and millions of others on social media and respected ,educated people.

  11. I can not believe people are still so ignorant that they use killing as a fund raiser. And you wonder why there are so many school shootings and homicides while you promote killing for fun. I am disgusted with people who find killing innocent animals entertainment.

  12. Please don’t do this. There will come a day when you are going to be thankful that you did not destroy the coyotes. Look at the world. Keep America, all parts of her, plentiful and abundant. The day will come when these creatures will be a Godsend and you will be grateful for them.
    Please, I am begging you, do not hold these coyote hunts.

  13. People who kill animals for sport, trophies, prizes, hate, and perverted thrills are malignantly narcissistic, ignorant, cowardly, bloodthirsty, psychopathic serial killers, and so are the people who condone, promote, and sponsor such barbaric blood lust.

  14. So let’s get this right, a fire department is holding their first coyote hunt? There’s no other way to raise funds for a fire department! How about a good old fashioned bake sale? No, because there are blood thirsty men who have fun running and chasing these innocent animals. This hunt is for the pleasure and fun like getting a high on drugs of barbaric people. Try other descent ways to earn money for your great fire department who put their lives on the line to save man and animals alike from a burning home.

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