Got a Minute: A fond farewell

Last August, my wife and I rolled into Langdon not knowing a soul and ready to embark on the journey that was a part of the master plan laid out for our lives.

Posted on 2/22/14

By Lee Coleman

Today, we have met so many good people that just really wrapped their arms around us and made us feel right at home.

That is why it makes me sad to have to say goodbye.

I have accepted an opportunity at another newspaper and my last day will be Friday, February 28.

The decision to leave was a very difficult one to make. I want to tell all of you why I made the decision to dispel any other stuff you may hear.

It all came down to professional benefits and my ability to look after my wife both today and after the Good Lord calls me home.

Pure and simple.

I’m not getting any younger and in essence, this is the last opportunity I will have in my career to get it right as we head into an unknown future.

Don’t make any mistake. This is not about the Republican or the town or all the wonderful people here.

It is all about making the last 10 or 12 years in my career really count.

We are endeared to this community and will be forever grateful for our time here.

To my readers and loyal fans, words cannot express my sincerest appreciation and thanks for all the kind words.

Because of all of your wonderful support and encouragement, The Lee Side and Got a minute? will live on in my heart and in the annals of history.

But lest we forget this dumb ol’ Southern boy’s first North Dakota winter.

Needless to say, it has been a real eye opener. And full of good-hearted teasing that I still laugh about.

Over the last week with the Olympics going on, who would have thought it was warmer in Russia than North Dakota?

Go figure.

I have made one decision regarding my future retirement.

When the time comes, I am going to point my car south and not stop until the first person asks me about the plug hanging from my radiator grill.

Then, I will know I have gone far enough.

I wish I could see you all one more time before I leave to say thank you up close and personal.

It is my prayer I have done right by each and every one of you with my work here at the Republican.

I strived to do the very best I could in representing this beautiful community with my storytelling.

It has truly been an honor serving you and with a heavy heart, I bid all of you a fond farewell.

We’ll all see each other again some day on the other side of the rainbow bridge.