Mosaic art at LAES

A beautiful mosaic piece of art was installed at the Langdon Area Elementary School (LAES).


Posted on 3/8/14

This one of a kind art installment, was masterfully crafted by Molly McLain and Langdon Area School District Art Teacher, Mindi Paulson, and students in grades 4th through 6th. Paulson’s high school sculpture class also spent time with McLain working on individual pieces.

This is the second time this school year that students at LAES have had an artist in residence, and just like the last time, the students thoroughly enjoyed getting their hands dirty and being creative. This time, the students helped to create a mosaic wind tower wall hanging that was placed across from the main entrance door of LAES.

The three-day project had students helping with the breaking of the mosaic glass pieces, gluing of the glass, placement of the glass and the end project of cleaning and grouting the finished piece. Paulson and McLain were responsible for the wind tower design with McLain saying that she enjoys wind towers and that they are visually pretty as they cut across the North Dakota landscape.

Having students create a wind tower mosaic that will hang in the school has extra meaning when you understand the impact the local wind towers have had on the county.

Paulson and McLain went to Valley City State together, and have stayed in contact with Paulson bringing up the idea of McLain coming to Langdon as an artist in residence. While the plans for them to do a school mosaic had been talked about for a while, this was the year for it to happen. McLain has worked with other schools in the state and surrounding areas along with working with the Art Center in Jamestown where she was the Artist in Residence for the 2012-2013 year.

McLain currently lives in Fargo where she works as an organizer for Planned Parenthood along with operating her own custom mosaic business, Trade Mosiacs and teaching piano at Prairewood Piano studio.

McLain was able to spend three days in Langdon teaching students mosaic art through a grant from Northern Lights Arts Council.

With her experience working with the Art Center in Jamestown, McLain has spent time teaching others her art, and the students at LAES truly enjoyed getting to understand how to create a beautiful mosaic piece; a piece that will provide beauty to LAES for years to come.