Cavalier County Library goes into OverDrive

This is part two part of the Cavalier County Library series.


Posted on 3/22/14

This will cover how your library is preparing for the future and your ability to make use from the comfort of your own home.

Cavalier County Library has been steadily making improvements in the technology department.

From adding wireless internet last fall, which allows patrons to access the internet using their personal computers, and with one new and two updated computers available for public access, to OPAC – which is the library’s online card catalog or book inventory, and OverDrive which allows patrons access to electronic books or eBooks.

EBook is the most common term for an electronic book, which is then read on computer, iPads, phones, or eReaders such as a Kindle or Nook.

Library Director Shannon Nuelle has been working to get eBooks for library patrons since early 2014. This involved research, and upgrading the library’s computer system – as the old system would not support eBook checkouts. Many patrons have been asking if the library was going to get eBooks, and after a lengthy process, Nuelle is happy to report that eBooks offered through OverDrive are set up and ready to go!

OverDrive is the leading full-service digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, music and video worldwide. They currently host more than one million premium digital titles from more than 2,000 publishers, including Random House, HarperCollins, AudioGO, Harlequin, and Bloomsbury. Their digital distribution services are utilized by more than 22,000 libraries, schools, and colleges worldwide.

At the Library2go site you will be able to download a growing collection of eAudiobooks and eMovies.

After you browse through the virtual library you will be able to check out eBooks.

A wide selection is available in Fiction, Nonfiction, Junior/Teen and Easy books for the younger readers complete with pictures.

The recorded versions of books or eAudiobooks can also be downloaded.

EBooks are “checked out” by downloading them onto your device and read, then returned in a two-three week checkout period, and deleted. Ereaders require wireless internet or wifi connections to download books, but if you don’t have internet connections at your home, it is possible to bring in your device and use the library’s wifi to download books and then take home to read.

The new OverDrive system available at the Cavalier County Library will allow you to read eBooks, listen to eAudiobooks and watch eMovies from your own computer or portable device. Compatible devices can be found at

Each device has a different set of instructions and library staff have them available at the desk. Staff are willing to assist anyone not familiar with eBooks and get them started. Tuesday afternoons from 1-3 p.m. are set aside for eBook assistance, although librarian Shannon Nuelle and staff will be happy to assist any day, time permitting.

Residents of Cavalier County will need to have a library account, complete with email to use OverDrive. Photo identification and proof of Cavalier County address, are all that are required to open an account, please call 256-5353 if you have questions. Residents must be at least five years old. Nonresidents who wish to have an account may purchase a card for $10, valid for one year. Current card holders will be asked to update their phone number, mailing address and provide an email in order to access OverDrive, the eBook service used by the library.

Patrons are allowed five eBooks at a time per account, so if you have multiple eBook readers in your household, it might be time for you to consider adding another library account.

This is another way that your library is staying in step with modern technology and providing you with access to free library resources. You may learn more at or contact Cavalier County Library for more information.

An added feature of the libraries new operating system is the ability to check your account online from home. Using the same password and account number as the OverDrive system, patrons can access Cavalier County Library’s online card catalog, called OPAC, searching for books available here in town. You can view your checked out items, renew items the first time (an additional time may be done in person or by phone unless on hold for additional patrons), and check the new books recently added listed under “What’s New”. If you have an email on your account, you also have the ability to place books on hold and set up a “watch list” consisting of series titles, or author names. This will automatically notify you when the library adds a new book by this author, and an email will be sent to you.

You will then have the chance to put the book on hold for pick up. Items placed on hold through the OPAC online card catalog and received by opening time at 10 a.m. will usually be ready for pick up by noon the same day. Books located in the basement shelves may require an additional day for staff retrieval. Staff will attempt to call/email patrons in these cases.

Cavalier County Library has updated their website and so links should be updated if you have the old one saved. Please go to for links to the OverDrive system, OPAC card catalog, TutorND link provided through the North Dakota State Library, a link to the library’s Facebook page and other information.