Dease and friends volunteer over spring break

Kayla Dease of Munich spent her spring break taking part in her school’s Pay It Forward Tour and was kind enough to share her inspiring story.

Posted on 3/22/14

By Dee Entzi

Dease, along with 41 other students including several classmates from the University of Mary and students from College of St. Benedict and Johns of Minnesota, traveled across nine different states in nine days with the sole purpose of making a difference in people’s lives. “The Pay It Forward Tour is a tour put on by a non-profit organization organized by STLF which stands for Student Today Leaders Forever. STLF is a group here on campus at the University of Mary. The Pay It Forward tour’s purpose is to go to different states and volunteer in different communities within each state,” says Dease, “STLF was started four years ago at the University of Mary to give students the opportunity to volunteer and meet new people over their spring break. STLF was originally started by a group of four college students at the University of Minnesota 10 years ago.”

The group traveled to Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. They volunteered at different places in each community including a nursing home in Indiana, a special needs camp in Ohio and The Boys and Girls Club in Illinois.

“Something I will always remember is the reaction we got from the people that we helped and volunteered for. Their appreciation and smiles on their faces is something I won’t forget,” states Dease. Thanks to the generosity of local churches and schools in each community, the group was able to use their facilities to stay and sleep throughout the tour. The rest of the trip was funded by donations, fund-raising and the students who used their own money to make it happen.

“I would just like to encourage anyone in college to get involved and help others out by volunteering. Volunteering is a great and unforgettable experience. One person can really make an impact on several people!” Dease.

By her testimony, the tour made a huge impact on Kayla Dease and her classmates. What more rewarding way to spend your spring break than to Pay It Forward? Thank you to Kayla and everyone involved for being committed to making a difference. Keep up the good work!