Langdon Area Elementary School students help raise money for Relay for Life

The Relay for Life committee recently got the kids of the Langdon Area Elementary School involved with helping raise money for the American Cancer Society (ACS).

full color relay kids

Posted on 3/29/14

By Dee Entzi

All the classes participated and were able to raise over $1,400.

“The Relay For Life committee has been interested in getting into the schools to get the kids involved, so one day Mickey Cain contacted the principal, Mitch Jorgensen, at Langdon Area Elementary and got the ball rolling. She and I met with him one day to work out all the details. He and his staff were really great to work with.” said Amber Sperling, member of the committee.

Committee members have been discussing ways to get involved in the school for the past couple of years. It was Cain who came up with the idea to place buckets in the classrooms for students to collect change and have a competition amongst the classes to see who could raise the most money. Every student who participated received a prize. Mrs. Lorenz’s sixth grade class was the winning team and earned a pizza party.

“We were really happy with the excitement from the kids. I think they enjoyed the competition, and the winning class was definitely excited to take a break from their day and enjoy their pizza party! The nice thing is that they were all so willing to empty their piggy banks for a good cause, and donate their money to help others rather than benefit themselves,” states Sperling.

Due to the success of the fundraiser at Langdon Area Elementary, the committee is excited to be taking the fundraiser to St. Alphonsus Elementary School the week of April 7.