LAHS drama presents Robin Hood

On May 6 and 8, the Roxy Theater will be transformed into the Sherwood Forests, and the audience will follow Robin Hood and his merry band as they try to outwit Lady Merle and her villainous leaders.

robin hood

Posted 5/3/14

As the audience watches, Robin Hood and his merry band’s lives will be at stake as they try to keep watch over their forest all the while protecting the innocent as they fall victim to Lady Merle and her foolish followers. Will Robin Hood succeed or will he fall even before his encounter with Lady Merle? Will his men be able to protect the forest and those that seek its refuge? And what trickery does Lady Merle plan to use Maid Marian for? And what about the Sheriff and his “proper” wife and their unforgettable daughter, will they ever realize what Lady Merle is planning on doing? All of these questions and more, will be answered in this year’s Langdon Area High School Drama Production of Robin Hood by Tim Kelly.

“This year, we decided when choosing a play, to pick something that our audience was familiar with. The subject of Robin Hood is universal and so it has been fun to put together a play that the audience is familiar with while still incorporating our spin on the tale, “Garrett Freier, Tech Director said.

Cast members include Carley Baker, Allison and Kathryn Brinegar, Corey Schrader, Jasmin Witmer, Trevor Wheeler, Justin Cheatley, Austin and Andria Hart, William Robles, Wyatt Gage, Brooke Chapman,  Kylie Kram, Darell Fox, Alison Borchadt and Ally Schwartz as tech and costumes with Andria Hart and Kylie Kram acting as student directors.

“As always, we have a had a great group of students, who despite being busy themselves have committed their time to putting on another great play for the community. I am so pleased with this group of talent, and like every year, I am saddened to see the seniors go. This year, we have more seniors then we have had in the past, and you can tell those that have been our productions in the past, because they are, along with everyone, pros at being flexible to the practices, being ready to run any scene and helping with the various tasks needed to put on a production,” Amy Freier, Director said.

Freier added that because this is a period piece it was hard to find the appropriate costumes and props, but the theater community came to the rescue with Barb and Dan Lamping helping supply the drama department with both props and costumes.

“If it wasn’t for the generosity of the Lampings, this play would not be costumed or even have some of the necessary props. It truly shows once again what a great and supportive community we have.” Garrett Freier said.

“I hope that the community will come out and support the Langdon Drama Department, enjoy a family-friendly show, enjoy some Roxy popcorn and have a great night of adventure, drama and of course laughter,” Amy Freier said.

Robin Hood will be performed at the Roxy theater, May 6 and 8 at 7:30 p.m. each evening.