Northeast Regional Water and City of Langdon meet to discuss issues

Northeast Regional Water and the City of Langdon met to discuss issues that have risen over the proposed construction of a water pipeline and a new water treatment plant.

Posted on 5/10/14

Better water for both entities is the goal, but questions have been raised on who would own a new water treatment plant and pipeline. Both parties were in agreement that the current water source provides water that is hard to treat and the treatment changes daily, but a ground water source would send consistent water to be treated.

The City spoke about funding options for a new facility with Northwest Regional Water. Both entities were concerned that the cost of a new treatment plant could be far more than the original projections and what would those increased costs do to customer costs.

It was decided to have both entities’ engineering firms get current cost estimates for a treatment plant and pipeline.

But even before moving forward with ownership and costs, both parties decided a step back was needed in order to make sure that the new raw water would be a better source of water and where would the discharged water go. The two agreed that a new water sample has to be done before moving forward.  Options on taking and testing the sample will be gathered by both entities.

The two entities will keep each other informed on their respective progress and then plan to meet again.