Spotlight on Business: McConnell takes over Sarles Bar Kyle’s Place

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Kyle from Sarles Bar

Posted on 5/10/14

By Dee Entzi

Kyle McConnell, of Sarles, has recently taken over ownership of the Sarles Bar, now known as ‘Kyle’s Place’. Before purchasing the bar on February 25, the bar belonged to Ralph Murphy for almost a decade.

Though McConnell, who turned 21 the day he took over, is just getting started, the bar holds a lot of sentimental value to him and his family. Before switching hands between two other owners and then to Murphy in 2005, the bar was originally started and run by McConnell’s grandfather, Donny Schuler and great-grandfather, John Yakish. The two opened their first bar in Sarles in the 1960’s and later, in 1980, built the bar now in the hands of their grandson.  With over 40 consecutive years of bar ownership in his family, McConnell is ready to step into his grandfather’s shoes after all these years.

“The whole family is excited about it,” commented McConnell on his new ownership.  The family couldn’t be more proud of his desire to carry on the family legacy.

McConnell reopened the bar on April 1 with several new features to offer his customers, including wireless internet, an ATM, three big screen TV’s, a new pool table, and a jukebox. The bar also has a kitchen that he intends to take advantage of, with plans to have a short menu available in the near future. With the help from his family, they have already made several minor improvements to the bar, but have more changes and updates to come. McConnell invites everyone to stop by; the bar is open Monday through Saturday from 3 p.m. until 1 a.m.