Langdon City Commission discusses business at recent meeting

At the Monday, May 12 meeting of the Langdon City Commissioners, the Commissioners approved a $10,000 Cavalier County Job Development Authority grant to be used towards a student loan repayment program that will be implemented by the Cavalier County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) towards the potential hiring of another doctor.

Posted on 5/17/14

Currently, the CCMH has two doctors, but another doctor will put the hospital at full force. To fit this need the hospital has been using locum doctors, but CCMH Board President Randy Melhloff said this costs the hospital more than hiring a doctor, and a loan repayment program would help the hospital bring in another doctor which would be another job in the community and help to continue to provide excellent service.

The grant would be a portion of the student loan repayment with the hospital also putting in $15,000. The $25,000 would then be given to a doctor after he has completed his one-year commitment to the hospital.

The Commissioners agreed with Shannon Duerr who said, the loan repayment program grant would fit with the CCJDA as they recruit and retain professionals to Langdon and Cavalier County.

In Other Business:

• The Commissioners approved Langdon Area Chamber of Commerce request to use the Boyd Block Square during Music Fest on the weekend of July 26.

• The Commissioners talked about sending letters out to property owners whose trees and branches are blocking signs or streets.

• Chad and Tiffany Lombardi met with the Commissioners to discuss the letter regarding the cars located on their property. The cars are a source of income for the Lombardis, which they use to help with their other projects including their businesses in Langdon and their community efforts. After explaining the cars are a progression as they get fixed or sold they move out and new cars move into the shop and other cars move back outside, the City decided they needed more research before a decision would be made regarding the proper course of action.

• The Langdon Baseball board is hosting the state American Legion Tournament and was wondering if they city would put money towards advertisement of this event. The agreed this would be a good use of the Lodging Board Fund.

• The Commissioners amended the Ordinance of Sale of Tobacco Products to include e-cigrattees so that those under 18 can not purchase them.