Cavalier County residents vote… Primary Election results

In the June 10 election, citizens of Cavalier County voted.


Posted on 6/14/14

Nine hundred and seventy-one residents turned out to vote either through mail-in ballots or at the polls at the Cavalier County Courthouse.

The results for state offices will have the Republican and Democratic candidates appearing on the ballot in November. The libertarian party did not receive enough votes so those candidates will not appear on the ballot.

State Constitutional Measure one on the ballot did not pass.

As for the Cavalier County Commission, all six names will appear on the November ballots with Stanley Dick, Elsie Magnus and Nick Moser taking the top three spots.

The measure asking for residents to decide if the ambulance should have an increase in one mill was approved by the voters of Cavalier County, 507 votes to 402.

Steph Benoit received enough write-in County Auditor votes to qualify her to be placed on the November ballot.

In City, Jim Rademacher and Cody Schlittenhard will fill the two seats for City Commissioner. Current City Commission President Chuck Downs was also re-elected for his position.

In the Langdon Area School Board, 81 people voted with Dave Hart and Warren Jonasson being re-elected for their current positions. The write-in candidate position is yet to be determined.

Cavalier County Question 1

Yes (votes in favor) 507

No (votes against) 402

Increase in the Cavalier County Ambulance mill levy

Constitutional Measure 1

Yes (votes in Favor) 366          

No (votes against) 422

Change to the date for filling deadline from 90 days to 120 days.

Cavalier County Commission

Stanley Dick 575

Elsie Magnus 549

Nick Moser 394

William Thom 335

Shauna Schneider 205

Tom Valentine 165

Landon Area School Board

Dave Hart 3 year city 

Warren Jonasson  3 year rural 

State  Primary Results


Kevin Cramer (R) 480

George Sinner (D) 287

Robert (Jack) Seaman (L)  18

Secretary of State

Al Jaeger (R) 472

April Fairfield (D) 254

Roland Riemers (L) 16

Attorney General

Wayne Stenehjem (R) 471

Kiara Kraus-Parr (D) 247

Anthony Mangall (L) 16

AG Comissioner

Doug Goehring (R) 458

Ryan Taylor (D) 283

Public Service Commissioner

Brian Kalk (R) 459

Tyler Axness (D) 248

Tax Commissioner

Ryan Rauschenberger (R) 447

Jason Astrup (D) 252

Cavalier County

County Auditor

Lisa Gellner 707

Write in  Steph Benoit  47

County State’s Attorney

Scott Stewart 704

County Recorder 

Vicki Kubat 766

County Treasurer

Cynthia Stremick 801

County Sheriff 

David Zeis 799

County Newspaper

Cavalier County Republican 780

Langdon City

Langdon City President 

Chuck Downs 322

Langdon City Commissioners (top two elected)

Cody Schlittenhard 271

James Rademacher 217

Garrett Freier 208