Cavalier County Commissioners drop health insurance

At the June 17 Cavalier County Commission meeting, the Commissioner decided to eliminate their health insurance policy which results in the county saving $21,591 a year.


Posted on 6/21/14

It costs the County $73,213.20 a year in health insurance. The Commissioners decided this was too much and dropping their insurance would be a beneficial way to save the county money.

The Commissioners decided to forgo health insurance, but the county will need to adjust their compensation along with additional money for retirement and social security. The total cost for the County would then be $51,622. This would then result in a savings for the county of $21,591.

This new policy will go into effect on Aug. 1.

The Commissioners approved the purchase of a new motor grader for the Vang area. This new grader is part of a replacement cycle with the current grader having reached its mileage needed for a replacement. The Commissioners also approved the Cavalier County Library board budget.

The Commissioners looked at the election results and decided that before approving an additional mill, they want to have representatives from the ambulance present detailed plans along with monetary stats on how the additional mill will be used by the ambulance services.