Munich City Park to be remodeled

Munich city park received a $45,000 grant this spring for new playground equipment to be installed during the first part of August.

playground in Munich

Posted on 6/21/14

By Dee Entzi

The Outdoor Heritage Fund, out of Bismarck, is funded by tax revenue produced by the oil fields and gives out grants four times a year. Terry Biby, member of the Munich park board, applied for the grant and, on his second attempt, it was accepted. The current park equipment has been condemned by the state and will be removed from the grounds. The new equipment will be bought from BCG Builders, out of Dickenson, who will also be installing, and inspecting the new playground. Total cost for the project will be over $100,000. So far, the park board has received $25,000 in donations. They will continue to raise money to cover the remaining costs. The board would like to thank everyone who has supported this project; the Outdoor Heritage Fund, the people of Munich, and the surrounding communities. Further donations can be sent to Munich City Park, P.O Box 26, Munich, 58352. For more information contact Terry Biby at 701-3701-2113.