New Physican signs with CCMH & Clinics

Tamim Rogers Khromachou, MD, has signed an agreement to practice medicine at CCMH & Clinics starting July 31.

Dr. K's Picture

Posted on 6/28/14

He graduated in 2005 from the Medical School of Tishreen University in Latakia, Syria. Tishreen University is one of the most highly regarded medical schools on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea and Middle East. After graduation from medical school he worked as a solo physician in a small rural community in the Latakia countryside. He later worked on medical research in cancer and advanced life support in the United States.  Dr. Khromachou started in a Residency Training Program at the Altru Family Medicine Residency Program, in Grand Forks in 2011. The majority of his training and work took place at Altru Hospital, affiliated with Mayo Clinic. He passed his board exam on his first attempt with an excellent score and graduated in 2014. He is currently working on his Master Degree in Health Informatics. He has also published medical journals and most recently published an article in Clinical Infectious Diseases in The Oxford Journals. Based on that article, Dr. Khromachou was the first reported physician to diagnose Leshmaniasis in North Dakota and the whole Midwest.  He is very proud of his strong medical training and compassionate relationship with his patients. He is a family-oriented person and loves interacting with new people. He likes to invest in the prosperity of the communities he has lived in and looks forward to investing in the Langdon community and surrounding area. In his spare time, Dr. Khromachou enjoys hunting, fishing, swimming and playing soccer. He loves gardening, and growing his own tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and various herbs.

Dr. Khromachou is very excited to officially join CCMH & Clinics, where he has worked since last November on occasional weekends and holidays and found it to be a place where he can contribute to the excellence in patient care and serve the lovely people of Cavalier County and surrounding regions.