Cavalier County Commissioners talk salary at meeting

At the July 1 meeting of the Cavalier County Commissioners, County Commissioners approved a plan presented by the salary committee.


Posted on 7/5/14

Last year, the Commissioners approved a partial salary adjustment for some of the Cavalier County Employees. This adjustment stemmed from researching other North Dakota Counties that are comparable to Cavalier County. The rest of the salary adjustment would then be paid out this year. Last year, the Commissioners also agreed to a 1.7 percent cost of living increase for all employees for both last year and this year.

The salary committee presented a proposal to the Commissioners at the recent meeting, to also included an additional 1.3 percent cost of living increase, bringing the total cost of living increase to 3 percent.

The Commissioners, who had already garanteed the rest of the salary adjustment and the 1.7 percent cost of living also agreed to the 1.3 cost of living. Not all employees will receive the salary adjustment increase, but all county employees, both full and part time will receive the 3 percent cost of living increase.