Deloris Keavney receives new video magnifier

82 year old Deloris Keaveny, originally from Wales, moved to Langdon in 1979 after being widowed several years before.


Posted on 7/5/14

By Dee Entzi

Since losing her husband in 1973, Keaveny has learned to be independent and has grown to embrace it. About four years ago, she started suffering from severe vision loss making life as an independent senior very difficult. It wasn’t until she came across a video magnifier at a garage sale, that she finally had some hope of gaining back her livelihood. A video magnifier is made up of a scanner underneath a flat screen monitor that magnifies any document placed on the scanner making it easier to read. Keaveny had been using the machine for the past three years until it recently quit working and due to the age of the machine, parts are no longer accessible. After having it for so long, she’s been at a loss the last few months without it.

“It’s terrible when you can’t read anything, not even the large numbers on a calendar,” stated Keaveny.

With the help of her nephew, Rick Moisse who comes over several times a week to help her, she’s been able to carry on without her machine. Though she’s incredibly grateful to her nephew for all his support, she’s remained hopeful that someday she’ll be able to read her newspaper and mail on her own again.

Keaveny is an active member of the community and due to her vision loss, she utilizes the town’s transportation system. Carleen Schill, Transportation Coordinator, and close friend of Keaveny, heard that she was in need of a new machine and decided to take things into her own hands.

“We’re always willing to help people find the resources they need,” remarked Schill.

After a lot of research and phone calls she was able to find a group out of Bismarck called, Lions Club International, that helps seniors with vision problems lease video magnifiers for a small monthly fee. After contacting them and helping Keavney fill out all the correct forms to apply, their wish was granted and they received the news that Keaveny would be getting a new video magnifier.

“You better believe I was excited, I was so happy when they called and told me I was getting a new machine,” said Keaveny.

Thanks to the help of Schill and her family, Keaveny received her new device on June 30 and couldn’t be more excited to finally catch up on her reading. Keaveny would like to thank Schill, her family, and optometrist, Dick Eklof, for all their support and efforts in making this possible for her. For more information on Lions Club International or obtaining your own video magnifier, contact 701-426-8050.