Library Gets Mural in Honor of Chad Jordan

The Cavalier County Public Library recently had a beautiful train mural painted in the children’s section of the library.

mural at library

Posted on 8/2/14

By Melissa Anderson

The mural had been an idea that library staff had wanted to do for quite some time.

“We knew we wanted to something with that wall and have a train theme because this is the old train depot” Head Librarian Shannon Nuelle said.

When the Jordans approached the Library with an offer to fund a project the idea suddenly had steam.
Charles and Marie Jordan have been donating money for scholarships to a Langdon Area High School graduate every year since 2001 in honor of their son, Chad Charles Jordan who died in March of 1999. Chad had suffered from muscular dystrophy.

The Jordans decided that instead of helping one child a year they wanted to do something for as many kids as they could. This year they donated money to the library to benefit the youth of Langdon and Cavalier County.

“The community remembers Chad” Charles Jordan said.

The Jordans plan on funding more community projects with the money left but will no longer be sponsoring college scholarships.

Mindi Paulson, who teaches art at the Langdon Area High School, painted the train mural.

“It’s a historical representation of trains that would gone through Langdon” Paulson said.

The painting is done in acrylic. It took Paulson nine hours to complete mural working when the library was closed.

“The kids love the mural” Lori Neubert, librarian said.

It’s easy to understand why, it immediately grabs your attention the moment you walk in. With the life like smoke and steam, one patiently waits for the whistle of the steam engine and the rattling of the wheels on the rails.

The library is hoping to do more with the train theme to bring attention to its historical home. A plaque will be placed by the mural to honor Chad, Charles Jordan and the Jordan family.