City Commissioners hold Special Meeting to discuss water options

The Langdon City Commissioners held a special meeting this past Tuesday to meet with representatives of Moore Engineering to discuss the options the city has for getting better quality water to the residents of Langdon. 


Posted on 8/9/14

Moore Engineering is based in West Fargo and specializes in infrastructure engineering.

The representatives presented the commission with information and options that they had found since the previous meeting.

The first option presented was drilling a well in the Munich aquifer. Currently, the state requires a nine month study on any new potential wells drilled for public use. 11 wells would need to be drilled at a cost of $52,000.

The length of the study for this option is to determine if the proposed sites for the wells would be able to supply the necessary amount of water flow and how quickly the aquifer would be able to refill.

The second option would be to go to Devils Lake.  Devils Lake has a high capacity plant and would be able to easily supply the city with great quality water.  This option would require extensive piping and the water supplied would be chlorinated. The chlorination of the water would require a reconfiguration  of the current water system of Langdon.

The third option is to retrofit the current water plant to better treat and increase the flow from Mount Carmel Dam and Mulberry Creek.

With all these options, the engineering representatives suggested updating the pipes that carry the water from eight inches to 10 inches. The city needs to start as soon as possible because they already have the water permits which will expire in 2017.