Gapp kids invite you to final performance of Club de Skinautique

Matthew, Ryan, and Madison Gapp have been having a lot of fun on the water over the summer performing  in  Club de Skinautique on Lake Metigoshe. 

Posted on 8/9/14

By Melissa Anderson

Club de Skinautique is a waterski show club. The Gapps, along with their fellow performers, put on  shows for the community at Lake Metigoshe.  They do not limit themselves to just Lake Metigoshe however, as they also do road shows as well.

“This year we went to both Buffalo Lake and Lake Upsilon.”

Club de Skinautique has members from both the US and Canada with club members from as far away as Toronto. The club consists mostly of kids and is run by kids(with the help of some vital adult volunteers) for the kids. It is really a team building club with an atmosphere that allows for many friendships to be made.

This is the Gapp’s third year in the club.

“We went to the shows before [joining] and were always amazed at all the cool stuff being done. We thought it would be fun to be a part of that even though it was a bit intimidating at the time.”

The Club is open to new members; so one day the Gapps showed up at a practice and were members from that point on.

The show consists of many acts and usually has at least two to three boats pulling the performers around the lake.  The club does almost anything that can be done on water.

“We do bare-footing(variations of this also, e.g. tumble turns, tandem, two outs), ballet line, 360 around the boat, trick skis, climbing acts and their several variations, jumping(we have a 6-7 foot aluminum jump in the water to do aerials off of), shoe skis, doubles, trios, and more.”

The show often has guest appearance performers who do wake boarding passes, surf passes, and paragliding.

“The show is hard to describe in words, it is something you just have to see.”

There’s one more chance left in the year to see Club de Skinautique perform. The final show of the season is on Saturday, August 9, at 7:00 p.m. at the Skinautique hill at beautiful Lake Metigoshe, North Dakota. We invite anyone interested to come watch.