Library Summer Reading Program finishes with a big boom!

The Cavalier County Library held its final party for the summer reading program last week. 

summer reading

Posted on 8/9/14

By Melissa Anderson

The program had 145 kids in grades 1-12 sign up for summer reading with 107 able to reach their reading goals.

The program has shown a steady increase of kids participating  and finishing the summer reading program.  The past few years a total of 104 kids finished the program in 2013, 70 finished in 2012, 56 finished in 2011, and 30 finished in 2010.

Library Director Shannon Nuelle credits the increase with the library introducing kickoff and final parties for kids entering grades 1-6 beginning with 2011.  The library then expanded to include a teen program in 2012 and currently offers summer reading fun for kids entering grades 1-12.

“We love offering a summer reading program and seeing the kids of the community excited about reading“ Nuelle said.

The program focuses on how many minutes the kids read instead of the number of books.

“Each participant needs to read 600 minutes to reach their reading goal.  So the 107 kids who finished the program read at least a combined total of 64,200 minutes.” Nuelle stated.

The kids receive prizes when they reach their reading goal. The prizes are provided by the library with the help of donations.

“We have a very generous community that donated money,  prizes and services to help support and fund our summer reading program.”

A lot of prizes were donated along with many monetary donations that allowed the library to purchase prizes and gift cards for the kids.  The donations allowed the library to hold a kickoff party, final parties and held three reading classes over the course of the summer.

Everyone who finished won at least a couple of prizes thanks to the numerous donations.

“When we have the final party we put everyone’s names, who are present in a bucket and  draw names and allow them to choose one prize.  After everyone who is at the party has chosen one prize we draw names for the kids who could not be present.  After everyone has one prize we do a second round and everyone gets to choose a second smaller prize.” Nuelle said.

Three classes were offered over the summer along with activities at the kickoff and final party. A special science theme was used at the events to match the summer reading theme of “FIZZ, BOOM, READ”.

In a couple of the activities the kids were able to make Oobleck, a substance that acts like a liquid when being poured, but like a solid when hit with force, and ice cream in a bag.

The library is now preparing for the start of storytime which will begin on Thursday Sept. 4 at 1p.m. for non school aged children  three and up. Storytime will run for the duration of the school year.